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As it is confirmed that NASA’s Voyager 1 probe has entered interstellar space, new evidence has come to light suggesting that initial predictions of its longevity may have been overstated. Scientists had claimed that the probe was very likely to continue into space for many billions of years and eventually outlive the death of the sun and the consequent destruction of life on earth becoming the only record of human existence. However, researchers in Kenya have unearthed previously overlooked ancient documents which seem to confirm that humanity will in fact outlive the current material universe. One of the documents, known as ‘2 P’ affirms the destruction of the universe though not in a slow heat death as some astrophysicists have predicted but through a singular cosmic event where even the elements themselves will disintegrate. Even more surprisingly, other documents in the collection state that this event will be “soon” and give evidence that humanity will still be in existence when the event occurs and will continue beyond the meltdown in a new universe. This news could come as a disappointment to some space scientists but is likely to be a major encouragement to many who are more interested in living a perfected universe with The Man than in the possibility of man’s long-lost existence being discovered from a gold disk by intelligent blobs in a 100 billion years time.

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