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Thanks to Chris Kiagiri for brilliantly condensing Perman’s What’sBestNext into one of the most helpful sessions of the conference #RTB2015

Eph2Titus2: God saved us for productivity, Matt25: God expects productivity #wbn #RTB2015

“To be productive is to do all the good we can” Every word is important here. DO. ALL. GOOD. CAN. #wbn #RTB2015

RTB 2015 Nairobi WBN

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In case you missed them:

Lev theme: 1. Holy God dwells with His people 2. provides atonement 2 makes it possible 3. calls His people 2 b holy 2 reflect new status

Leviticus: You cannot relate with God on your own terms. It has to be on His terms. Do not presume familiarity. Cf. Aaron’s Sons

No single OT sacrifice can you offer to give you access to God. Only 1 ultimate sacrifice of God the Son.

Lev theme = gospel = Acts 2:37-41  #RTB2015

Lev. 20:8; 21:8, 15, 23 – Be holy / I will make you holy  #Paradoxology #RTB2015

Lev starts with an “And” – ref back to book of Exodus, rescued people, tabernacle just built

< so Lev is God speaking directly from the tabernacle saying how his people can live with him dwelling in their midst  #RTB2015

Lev. structure: 1-16 God’s holiness / 17-27 our holiness

Lev. 9:1-2 – last time we saw Aaron with a bull it didn’t go well but here on the 8th day Aaron is reinstated for a new start (cf. John 21)

Applying Lev: Take everything through Jesus. Ask how the *Bible* takes different sacrifices through the Cross and out into NT. Not simple.

Lev23:9-14/Phil2:17: Paul doesnt see himself as burnt offering (BigThing) or even grain offering (their faith) but just drink offering ontop

Reading Heb 10:22 against background of Leviticus (esp Lev 8) – like putting on 3D glasses  #RTB2015


And a bit of video which captures something of the way that confidence (Heb. 10:19) and trembling (Heb. 12:29) might be held together:

“We are sinners, and God is infinitely holy and pure. If we drew near to him without Christ, we would be consumed. Christ is the asbestos righteousness that wraps us up in love so we can enjoy the blazing heat of God’s holiness and not be consumed by it.”
(John Piper, ‘What is the Philosophy of Worship That Unites Us?’, Sermon October 5, 2003)

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Thanks to Ken Mbugua for a great time in the book of Jeremiah #RTB2015

Jer1: Preaching 1.not about preacher; 2.needs preachers; 3.not end in itself; 4.work of faithfulness not creativity; 5.not popular #RTB2015

Jer23v9-40: God hates false prophets; not just a warning to THEM OUT THERE but also to us – 1 Tim 4v16 #RTB2015

Jer 23v1-8: false prophets will not prevail 1.God will judge 2.God will raise up faithful shepherds 3.God will raise up The Shepherd #RTB2015

Jer36: if don’t preach with God’s desire (1tim2v4) we are mishandling the Scriptures #RTB2015

Jer50: God says to enemies: “I will turn your wisdom 2 foolishness, your courage 2 cowardice, I will make you utterly worthless in every way

< because you dared 2 come up against the LORD of hosts, because you worship dung pellets instead of me, because of your PRIDE.” #RTB2015

Jer50: Will never cherish our salvation without marvelling at the destruction we deserved #RTB2015

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