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Last day of the ministry training week for the iServe apprentices and great last few chapters of the book of Job:

  • Can you execute justice and judgement and bring world peace (40:9-14)? Can you overcome the great powers of sin  (40:14-24)? Can you put the King of Darkness, the Evil One himself on a leash (41:1-34)? But the LORD can and he does. You no longer need to live in fear.
  • Job does not leap from chapter 2 to the double-double of chapter 42. He goes through the torment of hell and out the other side to resurrection life.
  • For Job’s friends, in the face of God’s burning anger there is hope in a burnt offering (42:7-8).

As we finished with the Lord’s supper Pst. Silas took us to the historic gospel facts, resurrection life through Christ’s death and assurance in the risen Jesus (Mt. 27:45-56).

And in terms of preaching this death and resurrection: Evangelistic Preaching.

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