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  1. Christ-centred – the gospel for which I was appointed a preacher (1:11), remind them of Jesus Christ (2:8-14), the sacred writings which make you wise for salvation in Christ Jesus (3:15), preach the Word and so do the work of an evangelist (4:2,4)
  2. Careful – rightly handling the word of truth (2:15), continue in the Scriptures (3:14-16), preach the word (4:2)
  3. Clear – able to teach (2:2,24), avoiding babble (2:16), teaching (4:2)
  4. Compassionate – the Lord’s servant must be kind, correcting with gentleness (2:22-26), complete patience (4:2)
  5. Cutting – that the elect may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory (2:10) preach the word in the presence of Christ who is to judge the living and the dead, reprove, rebuke, exhort (4:1-2)

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At that time I will gather you;
at that time I will bring you home. (Zephaniah 3:20)

As the conference drew to a close and we prepared to set off from Kisumu back to our homes Harrison reminded us that our homes, even the very best, are not our real home. At most, in their love and security and in our longing for them, they are a pale reflection of real Home. As we glimpsed that Home and the One who brings us into His Joy, we asked ourselves whether we have lost that eternal focus.

  • In our relationships and self-image, are we clinging to an identity based on ‘where we come from’, our ‘home’ here, or is our identity defined by our final Home?
  • In our faithful Bible teaching, are we preaching the Word in the light of Christ’s appearing (2 Tim. 4:1)?
  • In our servant leadership, are our eyes purely on this world, serving according to its agenda, or are we serving the returning Master, longing for his appearing (Matt. 24:45-51)?

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