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Since I had very little part in putting it together I am free to say that Issue 2 of Conversation is a really high quality magazine. If you haven’t got a copy you must (paper or e-copy).

At 42 pages it’s substantially fatter than the first issue. More articles, more cutting edge comment and analysis, more media reviews, more news from the Christian world, more conversation stirrers.

The theme of this issue is faithful Bible preaching and I’m particularly enjoying Harrison’s article pulling lessons from the Puritan’s on truly great preaching. Then there are very powerful pieces by Adisa and Polle on servant leadership and suffering, Lydia on Prophet Owuor, Kigame on the Bible, Fidel on City Girl…

Go on… get with the conversation.


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Buy into the Conversation

Buy online or via MPESA and then please fill in a quick feedback survey.

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Just a few links that might come in handy:

  • ‘Orphans or children of God’ – study guide by World Harvest Mission including a study of Galatians and the much-shared diagram comparing the characteristics of an orphan mentality with a child of God mindset. Hugely helpful, particularly in our context.
  • ‘For the Love of God’ – Don Carson’s wonderful devotional going through the Bible according to the Murray McCheyne reading plan. Very rare in being a devotional which really gets you into the Bible and helps you see rich biblical theology truths. Available in blog form here (with option of email subscription) or as free PDFs (made available by TGC) : Volume 1 and Volume 2.
  • PrayerMate – a smart phone ap, now available on android which “Helps you to actually pray for all the people you say you’ll pray for”. (I’m yet to join the smart generation but I’m told by people who use it that it’s really helpful.)
  • Conversation Magazine – now launched in paper and e-format. ‘Rethinking life and ministry in light of the gospel.’ More on the first issue and how to get hold of one here.

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At iServe Africa we’ve been thinking for a while that there’s a gap in the market in Kenya for a magazine that:

  • engages issues of gospel ministry & mission, faithful Bible teaching & preaching, gospel content & gospel impact on all of life,
  • does so in a thoughtful and careful way with an emphasis on listening hard to the Scriptures, going beyond some of the lighter, more motivational features in circulation in our context,
  • stirs up Scripture-searching, thinking and quality conversation  in churches and on campuses, as we remind each other of the gospel and work through together what gospel living and gospel ministry look like in our context.

First issue is due out 5 April 2014.

  • If you’re a praying person please pray that this would be a successful, helpful and Christ-honouring thing, used in some way to contribute to a movement for revival in our context.
  • If you have experience in Christian magazine production/design/editing do share your wisdom and advice on how to sustain a long-lasting product.
  • If you’re in Nairobi do come to the launch on 5 April. Contact here for more details. Karibu sana.
  • Check out the accompanying blog – Conversation Magazine – and start the conversation…

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