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Thanking God for another good day in a warm and sticky Kisumu, listening carefully to the Word together. Particular highlights for me:

  • Fidel on Zephaniah 2 – “Perhaps you may be hidden” – as chicks under the hen’s wings – on the day of wrath.
  • A brother pointing out to me the danger of a Judges 2:10 generation emerging – people who have never been taught the gospel because it has been assumed in their churches – who  neither know the LORD nor what he has done for them. What really struck me from this was the parallel between the gospel for the ancient Israelites (what God had done in the Exodus long before any of them were born) and the gospel for us (what God has done in the New Exodus long before any of us were born) – i.e. a historical gospel.
  • Sammy challenging us to listen with trembling (Isa. 66:2) to the Word and let it set the agenda, rather than just using it to serve our agenda – the Word is the Master.
  • Fidel on Spirit-filled preaching – esp. Acts 10:44 – ‘What is the content of our preaching? Is our rhema-ing full of the logos word?’
  • Rogers Atwebembeire (of ACFAR) on Genesis 22 – superb exposition, heart burning as he showed us parallels between Isaac and Christ – the only beloved son, carrying the wood, trusting his father, willing to be sacrificed, delivered on the 3rd day.

“Where is the Lamb?” As I looked at that question my eyes were opened and I suddenly saw all of biblical theology through that verse – Isaiah 53, all the prophets, the whole Old Testament, looking for the Lamb who was to come, until one day John the Baptist says, “Behold, the Lamb”  (Rodgers on Gen. 22:7)


And a couple of links for hearing the Word in audio:

  • Whole Bible is various English translations – from Theo Vision / Bible.is – here
  • At least portions of Scripture in a fantastic array of different languages including 83 within Kenya alone – assembled by Global Recordings Network – here

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