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Spent Saturday morning with a small group of Langham Preaching facilitators looking at preaching from apocalyptic literature. Great fun and fellowship and interaction. The most encouraging thing was that by the end of the short time together there was a general feeling, ‘this is not impossible’, ‘there is some really relevant wonderful stuff in these parts of the Bible’, ‘we can have a go at preaching apocalyptic’. The notes – updated – Preaching from Apocalyptic (including overview/outline of Revelation).

Other resources:

  • There’s a very helpful seminar by Bob Fyall on preaching apocalyptic.
  • Glen Scrivener’s 3 Ground Rules for Understanding Revelation
  • My own thoughts on taking seriously the way I think the Book of Revelation demands to be read, as something to move the affections rather than to puzzle the intellect.
  • And a great example of one very gripping way to preach apocalyptic from our friend Andrew Cornes (audio) – it’s a first-person retelling bringing out the hugely important experiential, aural nature of apocalyptic.

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Is it possible to preach for 45 minutes and not mention Jesus?

Sadly yes.

Do you hear someone knocking on the church door?

Holman hunt light of the world

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